Ask for “New
Hampshire’s Own”

Check your milk carton for the “New Hampshire’s Own” logo. If you can’t find it, let your local grocer know that you’re looking and join the moo-vement to bring fresh, high-quality, “New Hampshire’s Own” dairy to every grocery store in the state.

Make the Choice

Making the choice to buy fresh milk is important for your health, your family’s health, your community, and the Granite State. “New Hampshire’s Own” Dairy Products can be found in grocery stores, markets, and local restaurants. There are two ways to know if the milk you purchase is New Hampshire dairy. Check your milk carton for the “New Hampshire’s Own” logo. “New Hampshire’s Own” is a state branding campaign to let consumers know they’re supporting Granite State dairy farms.

Nourishing the Community with Local Milk

New Hampshire’s farm families are committed to producing fresh, delicious, natural milk 365 days a year. Milk offers many health benefits, including improved bone health and lowered blood pressure. Milk can also help provide vitamins, protein, and nutrients that are essential to the health and maintenance of your body. A single 8-ounce serving of milk not only provides 8 grams of protein, but also meets the daily values for many nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamin D and Potassium.


New Hampshire Dairy Farms by the Numbers

Milk remains
New Hampshire’s
No. 1 agricultural product, but production is decreasing

New Hampshire is
home to 94 dairy farms
New Hampshire residents consume about 275 pounds of dairy products per year
Collectively New Hampshire dairy farms have 12,000 milking cows
New Hampshire farms produce 2/3 of the 275 pounds of dairy products consumed by Granite Staters
A dairy cow produces an average of 6.3 gallons of milk per day
The total number of New Hampshire jobs connected to dairy farming is nearly 7,000
A dairy cow produces 350,000 glasses of milk in its lifetime
The New Hampshire dairy industry accounts for $55 million in state tax revenues.
Beyond Farmers Markets

How can our family-owned farms get their fresh dairy into medium and large grocery stores? How can grocers offer more of the fresh dairy that is produced in the farms all around them? It’s up to you as the consumer to ask your grocer to carry fresh, “New Hampshire’s Own” milk. If enough people ask for “New Hampshire’s Own” milk, the grocers will begin to stock it, helping to ensure the viability and survival of local dairy farms.

Join the moo-vement to bring fresh, high-quality “New Hampshire’s Own” dairy to every grocery store in the state.

Spread the Love of “New Hampshire’s Own” Dairy

Ask for “New Hampshire’s Own” milk at your local grocery store—and help us spread the love of New Hampshire dairy farms. Tell your friends about how important it is to support New Hampshire dairy farms and ask them to request “New Hampshire’s Own” milk at their grocers, too! Follow and like us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest—and share our pages with your friends. We are dedicated to supporting New Hampshire dairy farms and raising awareness of the importance of buying fresh, “New Hampshire’s Own” dairy!